Why is it called Buff Data?

For all of the two people that are going to read about what I am writing.  I want my first post to be an overview of my life and the reasons that lead me to pursue this blog. Well, I guess we have to start back at the beginning for this story. It was a cold fall night on October 11th, 1990, Wait okay so maybe not that far back… Let’s start at college, yeah that seems like a good as time as any. Let’s start in Senior Year where I was graduating with a degree in Studio Arts and had no discernible future ahead of me. Yes, it was a great time, queue the eye rolls. Okay I get it there really is not any hope in this situation. Hmm okay, I think we are going to start at freshman year. There was actually quite a bit that had happened and changed with me during that year. I was always a skinny nerdy kid in high school, but I still played sports and knew almost everyone. That being said still was the nerd you got to do your homework if you were a sports star. I actually did end up doing quite a few assignments like that. Well point to emphasize is I was a small lanky kid. When I got to college the first thing I had on my mind was get bigger. I was always being told that I was small and couldn’t commit to anything or follow through with anything. So there was a lot that was being placed on my shoulders expecting me to fail.  The first thing I joined at the University of South Carolina was the bodybuilding and Fitness Club. I was an entirely different person in college even was given the nickname “Tebow” on account of my classmates claiming I looked like Tim Tebow. Well this lead to me having some amazing times in college and also no one knowing my real name all throughout college. I’ll go into more details about my college life later I just need to give you the back bone for why this thread is called Buff Data. We are going to skip forward since you now know I am a fitness enthusiast which accounts for the “Buff” part in the title. The Data part comes from me pursuing a Master’s Degree in Data Analytics. So I will be using this blog as a place to practice my data analytics as well as talk about and share my fitness life and goals. If you are still interested that’s great if you have already closed the page I understand as well. Without Further ado I give you the first post of Buff Data.